• Our EVA consists of 30% recycled EVA to reduce the use of primary raw materials
  • We do not use plastic packaging
  • Our polybags are biodegradable
  • We use only cardboard and no plastic for our hangers and swing hangers
  • We use our shipping and outer packaging multiple times.
    We asked ourselves the question, "Does every order really need brand new shipping packaging?" We came to the conclusion that it doesn't. Since then, we've been using boxes multiple times, giving them a longer life cycle. For us, this is the most sustainable way to package orders. This way we save important resources, reduce packaging waste and lower CO2 emissions.
    So it could well be that your next product finds its way to you in a carton that has already been used several times.
    Just follow our example and send our shipping packaging on another journey - we and the environment will thank you!