Deeply rooted in California beach culture, Cool Shoe was founded in San Clemente, California in 1982 with the goal of fulfilling the dreams of youth. Beach culture, surfing, action sports, fashion and lifestyle is the expression of our shared DNA. Cool Shoe stands for freedom of expression and originality. Originally an underground phenomenon, Cool Shoe became better known when we started to revolutionize the toe separator market. Until then, this market was very conventional and boring. By giving the toe separator a new and more exclusive image and improving the durability of the products, Cool Shoe became an it-piece.
The idea of "rocking chair design" in Cool Shoe Original with its rounded and wide outsole immediately attracted surfers and beach fans around the world quickly.
Today, Cool Shoe offers a wide range of shoes, slippers and various accessories. Each season our designers create exclusive products that remain true to the Cool Shoe spirit. The combination of creativity, originality and quality materials.