64 vs. COOL SHOE

Founded 25 years ago in Guéthary, the adventure 64 began with a vision: to embody the lifestyle and culture of the Southwest of France. The 64 brand represents the love of a region, its simple values such as conviviality, family, sports and nature. And that's why we chose our model icon ORIGINAL for the collab. A wide sole in banana shape and made of soft EVA. A maximum of comfort and lightness to float on the sand like never before! Cool Shoe and Lamarque64 send you into this summer together, with our colorful flip flops! Learn more about the 3 models here.


RAVE is a small skateboard brand from Bordeaux in France with a lot of energy and creativity. As fans of manga and we have designed with them an ORIGINAL inspired by the sandals of samurais. The cool ORIGINAL RAVE gives you the strength and grace of a samurai on the beach.